New iWatch Concept Video Envisions A Vertical, Notification-Based UI For An Apple Wearable

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A new iWatch concept video produced by Fuse Chicken, the Cleveland-based design startup that’s currently funding a magnetic charging cable and dock for iPhone, imagines what a wrist-mounted Apple wearable computer might look like with a wraparound curved display and a vertical UI incorporating the rumored Healthbook fitness tracking app potentially included in iOS 8…. Read more »

Misfit Wearables Finally Launches An Android App For Its Activity Tracker, The Shine

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Misfit Wearables, the Khosla and Founders Fund-backed startup that builds elegant activity tracking hardware, is patching up a weak spot with the launch of its new Android app today. It was something that prospective customers balked at when the company launched back in the summer. Misfit makes the Shine, a quarter-sized activity tracker that’s popular… Read more »

Hands On With The New iPad Mini With Retina Display

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The first-generation iPad mini was near-perfect in terms of a small tablet, with the one big shortcoming being that it lacked Apple’s impressive Retina high-resolution display. It was hard to go back to a standard-res screen after the iPad 3 and iPhone 4, which is why it’s great that the new version offers a Retina… Read more »