Apple Patents Sapphire Component Production Method As Manufacturing Facility Ramps Up

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Apple is moving fast on securing intellectual property related to the making and usage of sapphire glass, filing another patent related to the material recently that has been published by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider). Previously we saw Apple file a patent for a method of attaching sapphire glass display windows to a device, and… Read more »

Despite Multi-Year MSFT Surface Deal, Nearly All NFL Teams Use iPads As Playbooks, Says Apple

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On today’s Q1 earnings call, Apple’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer bragged that “nearly all NFL teams use iPads as playbooks.” This wouldn’t necessarily be interesting, except for the fact that Microsoft has a multi-year contract with the NFL to provide players, coaches and other personnel with a Surface tablet. Of course, NFL teams have been using… Read more »

Add AirPlay To Your Old 30-Pin iPhone Dock With The Auris Skye Kickstarter Project

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Old iPhone docks are a depressing sight in this world of Lightning cables and connectors, sitting with their 30-pin connector exposed and lonely. There are a number of Bluetooth accessories that you can use with those devices, including one from accessory-maker Auris called the freeDa. But their latest project is a similar attachment that brings… Read more »

Nokia Takes Auto Ambitions Into High Gear With Connected Driving, A Cross-Platform Suite Of In-Car Navigation Services and Smartphone Apps

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While Nokia continues to work on clawing back some of the once-market-leading smartphone business it has lost in the last few years to Apple and Android handset makers like Samsung, it has also slowly been building out a business based around its mapping and navigation division, rebranded as HEREĀ earlier this year. That strategy — which… Read more »