Apple Patents An iOS Interface That Adapts To Movement And 3D Video Editing

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Apple has a couple of new patents granted by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider), one of which deals with improving its mobile software for uses particular to how we interact with mobile devices. It describes a way in which a mobile OS could alter how its interface behaves and responds to user input based on… Read more »

The Sub-$200 Moto G Smartphone Is Google’s Answer To Android’s Laggy Low-End

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When Google bought Motorola there were plenty of theories about why it wanted the mobile maker. Patents, being named chief among them. But today’s launch of the low-cost Moto G smartphone suggests the strategy was – or has certainly become – multi-faceted. If there’s any kind of wall between Google and Motorola it’s definitely a… Read more »

NWU Develops More Accurate Activity Tracking So Nike’s Next Motion App Will Be Smarter Still

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Apps and devices that track motion are of questionable use value – it’s true that they provide a general idea of a user’s activity level, but that can very wildly from reality, since there’s often very little involved in the motion tracking algorithms involved beyond detecting motion and counting that as a step. It’s not… Read more »

Lumu Launches Kickstarter To Fund Its Digital Light Meter For iPhone-Owning Photographers

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Last we saw Lumu Labs it was in Hardware Alley at Disrupt New York¬†where the Slovenian¬†startup was showing off a prototype of its digital light meter plus iPhone app — aiming to convince photographers to replace “bulky” traditional light meters with a pocketable gizmo that plugs into their iPhones. Now, the startup has just kicked… Read more »