Google Maps updated for Android with sponsored hotel details, better navigation

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Now that Google has finished updating its Map app’s UI, the company can focus on the finer details: navigation, documentation and monetization. The Android app’s latest update tweaks hotel search results by adding sponsored rate and booking links, which places a tiny “ad” icon next to services that paid for exposure. Navigation has been also… Read more »

Deutsche Telekom’s LTE Connected Car delivers streaming media with complete control (hands-on video)

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Connected car concepts are nothing new, but a compelling one stands out among the crowd of half-baked ideas. Here at IFA, Deutsche Telekom’s demo is one such example, thanks to its simple but intuitive execution and downright usefulness. A very friendly Telekom rep let us step inside to check out the concept from a child’s… Read more »

Chrome for iOS gets better integration with Google apps, fullscreen on iPad, access to full browser history

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Now that Android has received that new Chrome update, it’s time for iOS users to get some of that love as well. Google has released a Chrome for iOS update that introduces improved integration with other Google apps — signing into Chrome will automatically prompt you to sign in to other apps like YouTube, Google+… Read more »

Google Maps 2.0 for iOS starts rolling out with iPad support, indoor maps (update: offline maps too)

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The revamped Google Maps design reached Android last week; now, it’s iOS’ turn. Google Maps 2.0 is gradually rolling out worldwide for Apple’s platform, and it’s bringing the Android version’s discovery and exploration components as well as some new-to-iOS features. Long-anticipated iPad support is the highlight, although there’s also indoor navigation, live traffic updates and… Read more »