Future Android Phones Could Recharge Another Devices

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 Google just announced new features for the next version of Android and the most interesting one has little to do with the user interface: Properly equipped devices will be able to recharge other USB devices. This is thanks to the new version of USB called USB Type-C. This next generation of USB is already found… Read more »

Anki Drive Finally Works With Android

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 Good news! Anki Drive works with Android. Bad news! It only works with a few Android devices. This update comes just in time for the holiday shopping season. Since its high-profile launch last year, the clever Anki Drive has only worked with iOS devices because, mainly, the product requires Bluetooth Low Energy support, which isn’t… Read more »

Apple Introduces HomeKit To Securely Pair iPhones With Smart Home Devices

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 We’ve seen hundreds of so-called “smart” connected devices pop up over the last few years, but with that proliferation of devices has also come confusion about what device works with what smartphone platform. Apple is eliminating some of that confusion with HomeKit, a new toolkit for developers to pair their iPhones with different smarthome devices…. Read more »