Verizon debuts the Droid Maxx, the successor to the RAZR Maxx HD (updated)

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Fans of Kevlar and long battery life will be happy to hear that Verizon unveiled its latest Maxx, the Droid Maxx, this morning in New York City, and it sports a massive 48-hour battery life. It’s apparently 9 percent thinner than last year’s counterpart, the RAZR Maxx HD, and it starts at $299 (with the… Read more »

Imagination Tech reveals Warrior CPU core to fight (uphill) battle against ARM

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This news isn’t remotely surprising, given Imagination Tech’s recent acquisition of CPU designer MIPS, but reporting it still gives us a little flutter of excitement. And for good reason: Imagination has just revealed that its first MIPS-based CPU core, which should be able to run Android, will be introduced by the end of this year,… Read more »

Intel Ivy Bridge now available in budget-friendly silicon

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After almost a year of Ivy Bridge implementation in everything from Windows tablets to miniature computers, Intel has finally rolled out its latest architecture to its budget line of silicon. According to CPU World, the chip giant released pricing and concrete specs for three Celeron CPUs, four Pentiums and a new Core i3-3210, all of… Read more »

iPad (4th Gen) Outruns The iPhone 5 In An Early Benchmark, Listed With 1.4GHz Dual-Core CPU, 1GB Of RAM

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The new new iPad hits stores Friday, but an early Geekbench benchmark reveals some interesting details. Apparently, at least per this one-off report, the 4th generation iPad uses a dual-core ARMv7 CPU with 1GB of RAM. Not surprisingly, this results in benchmark scores better than those earned by the iPhone 5. The iPad (4th gen)… Read more »