Apple Looking Into Built-In Telephoto iPhone Camera Lenses

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 Apple’s iPhone is just about the best smartphone camera you can get, but a new patent application provides a good indication of how it could get even better. The patent is for a “small form factor telephoto camera (via AppleInsider) and describes how the company might make a camera with a narrower field of view,… Read more »

Fujifilm’s New X-T1 Interchangeable Lens Camera Can Weather The Storm

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A new interchangeable lens camera from Fujifilm should make adventurous photographers happy. It features dust- and water-resistant housing, which can take temperatures down to 14 degrees fahrenheit, allowing it to go where previous cameras feared to tread. The Fujifilm X-T1 works with Fuji’s X-mount line of compact mirrorless camera lenses, and three weather-resistant additions to… Read more »

HTC Said To Be Planning Larger Screen Version Of HTC One Flagship Smartphone For March

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HTC is said to be readying the next generation of the HTC One, which will keep the same simple moniker but offer up a larger display and a camera with a so-called “twin-sensor” rear-facing camera, according to Bloomberg (via Verge). The screen will be at least 5-inches diagonally, which is slightly larger than the existing… Read more »