Of Course BlackBerry’s Upcoming Android Phone Is Awkward

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 Meet the FrankenBlackBerry. Is it an Android phone? Is it a BlackBerry? No, it’s the new BlackBerry Android phone! If you ever wondered what would happen if you slapped a BlackBerry keyboard onto an average Android phone, look no further. BlackBerry has this device for you. Read More Go to Source This blog/feed service is… Read more »

Seacrest Out: The Typo iPhone Keyboard Is Dead

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 BlackBerry has successfully ended the short but dazzling life of Typo, the hardware keyboard for iPhone spearheaded by longtime BlackBerry user and iPhone switcher Ryan Seacrest. In a short press release announcing a settlement, BlackBerry notes that according to the terms of the agreement between itself and Typo, the latter company will stop selling any… Read more »

BlackBerry Turns To Amazon To Fix BlackBerry’s App Problem

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 BlackBerry has partnered with Amazon in a deal that will bring Amazon’s Android Appstore to BlackBerry devices. Why? As BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen tells the WSJ, he simply doesn’t have time, energy and money to build a proper app ecosystem, which is about right. The Amazon Appstore will be available alongside the BlackBerry 10.3 platform… Read more »

Pebble Founder Emphasizes Multi-Year Lead On Android Wear And Google’s Smartwatch Ambitions

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Pebble is one company that came to mind when Google unveiled its Android Wear smartwatch (and eventually, other wearables) development platform. The small startup has been creating smartwatch hardware for years now, first as the Allerta inPulse smartwatch for BlackBerry devices, and then reinvented as the Pebble, the Kickstarter success that proved to the world… Read more »