Free Download Preflop+ Poker Analytics Calculator w/ Nash Charts 1.9.7 APK

Preflop+ Poker Analytics Calculator w/ Nash Charts 1.9.7 1

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Preflop+ Poker Analytics Calculator w/ Nash Charts - An Overview

Free Download Preflop Poker Analytics Calculator w Nash Charts 1.9.7 APK

Preflop+ is the only poker equity odds calculator app you need to improve and drill your preflop range analysis when you are shortstacked and facing snapshove decision at the tables. Know the exact EV of the decision to make the best snapshove runout range analysis and practice them in nash and equity drills within the app. You’ll find great drills to improve your snapshove tournament skills! Poker Equity Odds Calculator and Combinatorics allows you to compare hands and get equity from millions of possible outcomes.

Also track your bankroll by specifying Cash or Tournament sessions with buy-in and cash out recordings. Charts and graph reports give you great feedback on your bankroll performance.

Current version has all the snapshove charts pre-loaded (no internet connection required) to make plus EV shove and calls based on Nash equilibrium. Train Snap Shove, Pokerbase, bankroll tracking, Call, Rejams and Calling Rejams regularly using our challenge mode and become a better poker player! Don’t miss out. Gain your unfair advantage at the tables today!

A simple but clear Bankroll tracker allows you to record your bankroll and monitor your winnings or losses. Track your buy ins. Track your cash outs. Get great reports.

Equity Calculator uses state of the art algorithms to compare your hand to any other hand.

Combinatorics helps improve your ability to count combos and blockers for any board texture.

Unlike many popular solutions, we show you the exact EV of all the spots. This will help you make better decisions such as avoiding marginal spots when you have clear edge over the field. And also help you take any +EV spots when the field is pretty tough knowing the exact EV of your holdings.

The current app gives you the best short-stack strategy for MTTs, cash games, Sit n Gos, Spins, Zone Poker, Zoom Poker, heads-up with wide variety of ante options and stack sizes to choose from. So you see your EV precisely. Whether you play live at the casinos or play online you need to try out this app.

Some of the features include:

– Beautiful charts, color coded so you can make your decisions quickly
– EV of every single shove and/or call is shown so that you can base your decisions based on EV and avoid those marginal spots as an exploit!
– Poker analytics and poker range tool
– Hand Equity Calculator using state of the art highly optimised algorithms to calculate hand equity
– Simple and clear Bankroll tracker
– Training Mode lets you train to improve.
– Easy to navigate and use
– Combinatorics support
– Eye-friendly color schemes to use the app for long period of times.
– Hand Ranking Charts based on different models
– No internet connection required and results are shown instantly as soon as you choose the spots!
– 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Our Roadmap looks like this:

– Bankroll management
– Blind Timers
– Hand History Recorder
– Session Tracker with beautiful reporting charts and reports
– Focussed Poker raining Drills.
– GTO Preflop Ranges for RFI, 3-bet, flatting charts, playing vs 3-bet, 4-bet and more!

We are continuously working on the app to keep it up-to-date and adding more solves as we get them done. If you do have any suggestions or feature request, please email us on
We’ve also fixed the Nash Charts and Ranges screen so that the filters will attempt to retain the currently selected Hero/Villain positions when switching the Hero Action or Stacksize. The selected Hero/Villains will only reset if the currently selected options are not in the new list of heros/villains. This will improve usability of the screen.

We’ve also made it clearer how to select villain ranges in the Combinatorics Training screen.

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