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Candy Wallpaper - An Overview

Free Download Candy Wallpaper 1.17 APK

In this application there are various wallpaper about Candy.
With this application you view, set the Anchor Picture as wallpapers your phone.

There are various candy like Candy Corn,Charms, Dots candy, Dum Dums Pop, Everlasting Gobstopper. You can also find here lollipop, sucker, jelly bean, kitkat , Gumdrops, Cuberdon, Vanparys, soda.

You may also like Almond Joy, Big Hunk, Forest, Bit-O-Honey and saga.

We have also Fudge, Halls, Mars, Cadbury, Ricola, mints, Pastila, Hematogen, Mentos, saga.You and your friend will like it very much. This is latest 2018 , HD , 3D candy wallpaper. You will have crush on Candy.

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