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WeFix (Israel) - An Overview

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WeFix is a Person to Person (P2P) market for small services, that do not require to be done by an authorised professional. People who are hobbyist or engage in hands-on activity, can offer their services to people who need small house tasks, but don’t want to pay for un-needed professional.
Need your grass mowed? want to learn music? need handyman? In WeFix you can find people, who are not professional, but know very good what they’re doing, and willing to charge much less than a professional.
New version with New UI:
* Bug fixes
* Tab bar interface
* More new categories
* More focused questions

WeFix helps you find the proper personal service providers, that will resolve your problem:
* Guided questions when creating a request
* Request more details before making a bid
* Can cancel request easily
* No Ads, No fake infomercial

And many more….

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