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Snap Tide - An Overview

Download Snap Tide 2.0.7 APK

***** Snap Tide has received a major update….
After reviewing requests and suggestions, Snap Tide now has these new features
1. Search for locations around the globe and view tide data in the locations local time.
2. Save locations to favorites.
3. Settings to customize how results are displayed.
4. If you are currently in Daylight Savings, please turn this option ‘on’ in Settings to cater for time difference.

As a surfer i wanted a tide app that answered the question “what is the tide doing now?”. Other tide apps give you the data in tables and graphs that you have to scrutinize to answer that question. My app, as well as giving you seven days of tide data, delivers you a clear, easy to visualize, picture of the current tide state, moon phase and current weather for your location.

With Snap Tide you get :

Your current local weather. (Location and data service required)
The moon phase with next full and new moon dates.(data service required)
Tide times for a week.(data service required)
Pretty graphic representation of the current tide state so you don’t have to scrutinize tables.
It’s educational too – tap the question mark and get a interesting fact about the ocean and tides.
30 day lunar calendar of the moon phases – just tap the moon.

NEW! Added ability to view beach webcams in your area (based on availability. If there are any cams available, an eye icon will appear on the apps main screen.

Great for surfing and fishing.

Could this be the one of the best, original, free tide apps on the Play store?

NB. If you are unable to find your location (app stuck on ‘Getting Location…’, try setting your locating method to high accuracy to fix the problem.
Security update.

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