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GED Practice Test (2019) - An Overview

Download GED Practice Test 2019 3.7 APK

GED Practice Test (2019) App

The app lets you practice & score high in your GED (General Education Development) Exam

GED Practice Test (2019) app is a powerful Exam Simulator app that creates Tests based on the GED Exam.

GED Practice Test (2019) features:
Automatic Test Saving & Retrieval
Your Progress Analytics
App optimized for phones & tablets
In-app messaging to our experts

GED Practice Test covers the following areas:

– Math
– Science
– Reading
– Social Studies

Why use our apps:
– Course developed to help you reinforce and succeed in your GED exam.
– We are constantly improving our apps by adding new features – to help you score more

Free with Download:
– 50 free Quick Ten practice questions
– 2 free levels for the first 2 categories.

Premium Upgrade:
– 500+ practice questions with the premium upgrade
– Quiz Builder: Create & customize the quiz the way you like
– Priority Email Support
– One time purchase. No monthly fees.
Minor bug fixes

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