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HP Slate 500 8.9″ Black


  • HP Slat 500 Atom MLZ540 1.86/2/64SSD/8.9/W7P Slt.

List price:$799.00
Average Rate:3.6 out of 5 (8 total Customer Reviews)

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HP Slate 500 XT962UA 8.9″ LED Net-tablet PC – Atom Z540 1.86GHz XT962UA#ABA Tablet PCs

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7 Responses to “HP Slate 500 8.9″ Black”


    Rate:2.0 out of 5 stars
    I got this device a week ago.

  2. beaker86

    Rate:3.0 out of 5 stars
    The title says it all, they are close but not quite there. Istarted off with a TC1000 some years back and LOVED it! (not sure who does marketing for HP, but they had the iPad first but didn’t market it?!). Bought a TC1100 when that came out hoping that HP would keep improving the best computer ever. They didn’t? When my TC1100 finally died I got a Touchsmart tx2. Unfortunately HP took a few steps back with that one. Now again it seems they’ve missed the mark. Size is ok, but like the 10.1″ TC1100 better. Battery life seems pretty good. It’s lasts me all day as I travel from stop to stop. Touch screen a bit sensitive. I thought it was supposed turn off hand touchs when using pen, however, number of times in middle of writting it will switch on me. Anoying.

  3. Apatel

    Rate:5.0 out of 5 stars
    I use the slate everyday my business requires me to use windows 7 professional and This unit is amazing. Light weight and the battery life on it is amazing. You can thank the atom processor for that. I charge this unit maybe twice a week and i am on this computer for about 2-3 hours are day constantly, and it lates me 3-4 days. I wouldnt trade this thing in for no ipad. If does eveything you dont have o worry about playing flash, it opens every website just make sure you download microsoft security essentials its free anti-virus from microsoft.

  4. moodyman79

    Rate:4.0 out of 5 stars
    Im an IT Manager at a research institute and so many laptops come to me each month

  5. Uday

    Rate:4.0 out of 5 stars
    Works as expected The accelerometer can be glitchy and so screen rotation does not work. But this could also be a win7 driver issue. Overall satisfied with the product.

  6. Young Onion

    Rate:2.0 out of 5 stars
    The idea of a tablet pc is a good one, this however is far from good. The thing is SLOW. HP has done a good job of fitting quality hardware in a small package, yet it is not enough. There are other tablets out that have better internals and may support a full OS better, I am unsure about that. What I do know is that this machine is not really capable of running Windows 7, at least not well. It runs very slow and the interface is very difficult to use on a touch interface.Often times while using it I find that I plug in a keyboard and mouse and use it as a tiny little laptop. I think this machine would function well if had a smaller OS something like linux maybe. However, you would still run into the problem of the interface. If you are looking into purchasing one of these, I say do not. If you want a small computer to carry around to do little things, or to simply surf the web, get a netbook. You can get a netbook that is much more capable than this device for a fraction of the price. If you are looking for an alternative to something like an Ipad, I suggest an asus tablet. If you are looking for a “WOW” factor, by all means by throw your money at this. Currently I do not think this device is up to standard for windows 7, or windows in general. The idea is there, and this is a start, yet far from where we need to be. I have been using this thing for about a month now and after that initial, “this thing is cool”, I have been nothing but disappointed with it. Also please do not think I am some fool biter about a bad product here, I am an IT specialist and believe this is not practical for any type of business use at all. I would wait another year or two to buy a tablet, or look into one that has the droid OS on it. I am not a fan of the droid OS personally, but the practicality of it is much high.

  7. eight8

    Rate:4.0 out of 5 stars
    We originally wanted to get an iPad — we wanted portable internet browsing and an e-book reader (ie, Kindle), the kids wanted to play touch screen games, and we wanted to be able to stream YouTube videos. However, we also wanted to be able to video chat (using Skype). My wife also wanted to be able to manage her photos (from camera’s SD memory card). We also wanted to be able to access web sites with Flash content. And I wanted to be able to print to any printer (not just the very few iPad AirPrint-enabled printers, which we don’t own). And it would be nice to be able to install the full Office suite.

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